Our entire staff at Universal Power takes great pride in any job well done. We’d like to thank  our clients for providing us with some great testimonials.

We have purchased and installed a backup power supply from Universal Power Solutions. The service from both their sales team and maintenance personal have been nothing but helpful, knowledgeable and overall professional. They contacted us when the order was placed and they continued to keep us informed during the delivery process of each section. Once the unit was installed the maintenance person explained the unit/process to us. He told us if we have any questions or concerns before our scheduled maintenance check just contact hem and he will make arrangements for a visit or help over the phone if possible. We have since seen this unit in action and the switch to backup power is so fast you barely notice.

Canadian Tire Store, St. John’s, NL

Jenifer Keeping, General Manager

Canadian Tire Store, St. John's, NL