Approximately three months ago we started having problems with our aging ups. I contacted Allen Creswell at CTC home office for suggestions as to who we should deal with for diagnosis and repair. He told me about Universal Power Solutions out of Nova Scotia and that they have dealt with them before, with great results. I phoned UPS and spoke to Bob Scott.  After telling him about our issues, he stated that given the age of the system, parts acquisition and repair might not be cost effective. However, he offered to send a technician to assess the situation.

A few days later a technician arrived on site and determined that the transformers and batteries were defective, and even if parts were available, the repair might not last.  After discussing the situation with my Dealer, a new system seemed like the best option.  We informed Bob of our decision and he asked for a few days to spec/source a replacement for us.

Within a week to ten days Bob called back to confirm that he had secured a system.  Because the unit wasn’t ”off the shelf”, it would arrive in three separate shipments and he provided me with expected arrival dates. Once all parts were onsite, an install date would be scheduled.  Bob said that he would keep me informed if anything changed. The parts arrived on schedule and a date for install was confirmed; he even booked in the electrician.

The work was completed on schedule, despite severe weather and a holiday season.  The system was tested and certified and the jobsite was cleaned before they left. Hats off to Bob’s team.

In closing, I want to state that this was a hassle free install and Bob did his company proud!!  Communication is paramount in business and Bob kept me informed through the whole process.  I would highly recommend Universal Power Solutions to any Dealers/potential customers experiencing similar ups problems or those who wish to avoid any issues through preventative maintenance.  Remember, these units are required by law to be in place and function properly in an emergency.

Once again, great job Bob Scott.

Canadian Tire Store, Corner Brook, NL

George Salyzyn, Buyer/Operations Manager, CTAS 0185

Canadian Tire Store, Corner Brook, NL