I am pleased to write this testimonial in regards to Bruce Simms and his team of professionals at Universal Power Solutions Inc.

I am the Facility Manager at the East Coast Forensic Psychiatric Hospital/Central Nova Scotia Correctional Facility. This institution contains 268,000 sq. feet of living/workable space and houses in excess of 272 inmates as well as 84 patients. In this environment we make every effort to avoid break-downs. Universal Power Solutions service technicians have been servicing our facility bi-annually shortly after we opened in 2001 and they have provided a very reliable, professional and courteous service. The “UPS’ power equipment play a critical role in the safety of all staff, inmates and patients. Every effort to avoid break-downs has been demonstrated throughout the years by term.

I have been very  satisfied with the performance of all the helpful knowledgeable staff at Universal Power Solutions Inc. It gives peace of mind knowing I have such a great group of people looking after us.

East Coast Forensic Psychiatric Hospital

Clair Lively, Facility Manager, Dartmouth, NS

Central Nova Scotia Correction Facility Forensics – Psychiatric

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