argusUniversal Power Solutions has a complete repair depot and testing bay facilities for single/three phase uninterruptible power supply, inverters, DC plants (discharge and recharge). Universal Power maintains a $400,000 inventory of new and used equipment, batteries and accessories to make sure repair and testing is completed on time.

emersonProud to be an industry leader in Canada, companies that have used our service include Ontario Hydro One, Rogers Cable, Correctional Services Canada, Minacs Worldwide, Tripp Lite, CBC, Exxon Mobile and many others.


* An explanation of problem(s) along with Model Number(s) and Part Numbers is required. A short summary of what you would like to have done is also required. An opinion is rendered before any equipment is shipped to us. Some equipment may be obsolete and may be cheaper to replace with new.

* Once it has been determined that you want to proceed, send the equipment to us. Once received and tested we will give you a cost estimate on parts and labour required. At that time you can make a decision on how you would like to proceed and shop time only up to that point  will be charged. Shop time is charged out at $80/Hr. Most diagnosis can be done within a couple of hours.

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