ScreenHunter_32-Sep.-10-10.11A battery management system is an essential component of a reliable and effective back-up battery supply. The BACS (Battery Analysis & Care System) by Generex is a cost-effective, single block battery management system that increases the reliability of batteries and associated battery backup UPS systems. This system will not only improve the reliability of your battery backup system, but also save you money in the process.

Main Features

  • Network report and alarm system
  • Scalability from 2V to 12V
  • Easy installation and battery data collection
  • Investment protection of batteries
  • Extension of battery and UPS life by more 30%
  • Repair low charged and sulfated batteries
  • Report and constant battery quality check
  • Guarantee for battery availability when it is needed

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Available Brochures

Datasheet CON AUX En136.9 KiB623
Datasheet CS121 En735.3 KiB721
Datasheet LED MATRIX II En73.2 KiB489
Datasheet RASMANAGER En371.7 KiB740