ScreenHunter_31-Sep.-10-09.43Gamatronic and Universal Power are Canadian distributor partners for single and three phase uninterruptible power supply products, offering tremendous power in a small footprint. With more than 80 installations across Canada, we are pleased to say that we have the lowest problems and highest customer satisfaction of any ups system that we have in the market place.

The Power+ is modular and scalable in 10KVA increments to 100KVA in a small 24″ rack. All modules are intelligent and interchangeable. You can even take out the power control module (brains) and your system will not fail or shut down. As a bonus the system operates with a common battery plant, meaning that should one system in parallel fail you will not go down as the battery plant will supply the other system. Parallel up to 500KVA or more.

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